Rinoa Heartilly

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Rinoa Heartilly
Rinoa Heartilly
Journal: ?
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Occupation: Student at Balamb Garden
Race: Sorceress
Portrayed by: N/A
Writer: Kim



name — Rinoa Heartilly
nicknames — 'Noa, Rin, Rinnie
age — 17
birthday — July 15
height — 5'3 1/2"
weight — 108lbs
hair — Black with copper streaks
eyes — Brown
sexuality — Heterosexual
language — English
theme song — Natalie Imbruglia - I Won't be Lost


Back Story

When she was five, Rinoa's mother, Julia Heartilly, died. When this happened, her father, General Caraway, became cold and tried to shelter her. This fostered a rebellious attitude in Rinoa, thus prompting her to take her mother's last name and stay away from home. She grew to heavily dislike him, never calling him "father" but simply "that man." As she got older, the city of Timber became overwhelmed by Galbadia much to her agitation. In response, and in order to further spite her father, she formed the Forest Owls. A small resistance group to try to take back Timber. Realizing their small numbers, Rinoa had to reach out to Garden for help.

The headmaster proved to be everything she had hoped for, and he promised to send some SeeD out to Timber to help her out. Though they could only spare a few, she was grateful for his assistance. Quickly returning home to let the members of her small faction know, Squall soon arrived with Selphie and Zell. Their appearance started a huge chain of events in her life that she never thought possible. Edea, possessed by a Sorceress, emerged and took with her Seifer as her Knight. Rinoa had no way to help Timber with her appearance and also needed protecting, so she used her superiority given by Cid to keep Squall and the others around to protect her, which was a taxing endeavor indeed.

In Garden's decision to assassinate Edea, Rinoa tried her own method. She wanted to nullify her powers, but nearly got killed in the process. With all the unfortunate occurrences, however, it was a good thing that the assassination failed considering who the woman was--though that much was only known by Irvine. Afterward, Rinoa decided to continue her journey with them and looked out for them as much she could. After escaping the Desert Prison, where they all had been placed save for Irvine and Rinoa for trying to take out Edea, they split up. Trabia ended up being devastated by Galbadia and the three who went to try to prevent it were thought lost in the preceding destruction of the base itself upon the release of the missiles.

They all managed to find each other again, however, and went to Trabia Garden to help repair it. It was there they battled Edea again, and as she grew weakened, the Sorceress possessing Edea went to Rinoa, which sent her into a coma. They returned with her to Balamb Garden, which had been effectively (and unintentionally) rammed against Fisherman's Horizon. Her condition baffled them all, so they thought to try Esthar. Squall, however, took it upon himself to go there alone with her on his back. Their companions wouldn't have it though, and managed to intercept him along the way.

When they finally did find Esthar, more pieces of the puzzle Ellone was providing them began to come to fruition. Squall also got Rinoa to Dr. Odine who insisted on examining her much to the other boy's chagrin. It was decided they would have to send her up to the lab they had in space, which was inconveniently part of the facility monitoring the sleeping Sorceress Adel. Ultimecia, the Sorceress possessing Rinoa, forced her body awake and kept everyone out of her way while she released Adel and chose to inhabit her instead. Rinoa was nearly lost in space, if not for Squall.

After managing to save her, they got lucky and found the Ragnarok had been left behind in all the raucous. Using that, they went back to their planet and there Rinoa was apprehended and to be placed in the Sorceress Memorial. They wanted to seal her along with her powers, as she could become a threat to society. Along with the help of his friends, Squall got her out of there and together they all headed to the Lunatic Pandora that had come down with the awakening or Sorceress Adel. It was a long, arduous journey all the way up to Adel and again Rinoa was taken from them. Saving her from Adel, Ellone began the time compression and they ended up in Ultimecia's castle in the future. Finally putting an end to her there, everyone had to get back to their time before. The only one who had faltered was Squall, who didn't get to the promised meeting place with Rinoa. Desperate to find him, she ran seemingly endlessly until she found a way to get to him. She found him unconscious and stayed with him until he woke to a field of flowers in the place where they had promised to meet after all.

Exuro Fatum

After the defeat of Ultimecia, Rinoa went off world inexplicably for a brief stint at an Academy. There she underwent a series of issues that culminated in her decision to return to VIII's world and leave it behind as soon as she was able. She had tried to block it out and focus on helping out around Garden when the phenomena of off worlders arriving via the time compression. She was met with familiar faces from the Academy and a slew of ones she didn't know either. She tried to help out everyone she could to keep the stress off Squall and everyone else.

For the most part, she was trouble free. Even when the conflict with Galbadia broke out, she didn't falter and helped out where she could. She felt confident fighting with her friends just like they had done in the past, though she continued to pray for a peaceful way out of the battle. She got her wish only for someone to attempt to breach the time compression. It was a subtle effect at first, but it began with an ill feeling. Then, she began suffering from headaches. She was uncertain of why initially, but she began to feel the tell-tale chilling cold that had sent her into a coma originally and knew it was Ultimecia.

Struggling to fight the cold and keep Ultimecia from taking her over. She might have succeeded had it not been for Albedo Piazzolla meddling with the time compression on his own. Before she could get to Squall, she collapsed in the courtyard and fell into a coma. She was taken to Dr. Kadowaki's clinic to rest and eventually placed back to her own dorm for Squall to look after her; however, while unconscious, she was taken by Gin Ichimaru to the Lunatic Pandora for a proper awakening of Ultimecia. With his success, Ultimecia began to construct her own plans of attempting to reenact the time compression.

In her preparation and semi-weakened state, she was at a disadvantage and Rinoa's friends came to rescue her. As she awoke from the coma, she found even some new faces standing by to attack Gin, and soon enough - Ultimecia herself. Though she knew it was a trap, there was no stopping them. Ultimecia chose then to try her hand at it and there was a tremendous clash between Rinoa's rescuers and Ultimecia herself.

The offset was a near reset of time itself, though the world itself remained untouched by it. Some were sent back to their worlds, some were scattered around the world itself, and most of them suffered from memory loss. Rinoa had grouped together her own strength and tapped into her own power as a Sorceress in order to preserve the lives of those who had come to her aid and succeeded with all but one: Squall. She returned them both to Balamb Garden and tried to heal him with every ability at her disposal, but he had fallen into a coma much like herself from the battle that had been waged. Rinoa has yet to leave his side.


She is the stubborn, naive, troublesome, and optimistic daughter of General Caraway. She has a bad habit of getting herself into trouble without meaning to, but always manages to prevail despite the odds (and not without the help of her friends). At first glance, she comes across as a spoiled brat; however, she has the best of intentions and a big heart. Unless she's in a mood, she tries to give everyone a fair chance. Her willingness to try to help others is the main cause of the trouble she gets herself into and she wouldn't have it any other way. Her determination and persistence with people can become annoying to some, but she doesn't let that discourage her from trying to make a difference.

A general carefree spirit is what keeps people from taking her seriously. This can dishearten her, but she's not one to stay down for long, almost always opting to turn it into encouragement to do what she feels is right by her. While she's not particularly fond of fighting, she feels far more confident to do so when standing with those she cares about and supports. If she feels like she's standing alone, she gets incredibly insecure and easily backs down from things. No matter what though, she tries to put her best foot forward. It's not hard to reach her when she's doing something wrong, but if she's determined to hang on to what it is she knows she's doing wrong--she'll throw a small tantrum and run off to stew over it. She'll always find an indirect way to apologize for it.

Mentally, Rinoa has an almost unwavering belief in the ones she puts up on a veritable pedestal. She's the voice of optimism (and not so much the reason) and tries to keep everyone cheered up in dire situations. She's naive to a fault, and when she gets into something - she has to follow it through to the end, which often leads her into bad situations by becoming overzealous. When she gets upset, she tends to run off to be alone without telling anyone where she's going. Her rebellious nature is probably her worst flaw, as it seems to be what lands her in trouble the most.

Since her last encounter with Ultimecia, Rinoa's personality has shifted in some ways. She comes across as slightly more level-headed and even reserved. The latter could be attributed to Squall's present state, but if he were to wake - she would no doubt appear more as a woman than rambunctious and often careless teenager.


Black & White Magic — As a Sorceress, Rinoa has all the standard FFVIII spells at her disposal.
Invincible Moon — She can make herself and whoever else she desires temporarily invincible from physical and magical harm.
Wishing Star — A powerful light-based attack of sorts that pierces through her target multiple times.
Angel Wing — The strength and potency of her magic is at its strongest when she unveils her angel wings. She can also push herself to higher speeds and seems to possess telekinesis.



Julia Heartilly — Mother, deceased.
General Fury Caraway &mndash; Father, douchebag.
Angelo — Her dog. Hey, he's family.

Love Interests

Squall Leonhart — Most important person to her, her boyfriend.
Seifer Almasy — Ex-boyfriend. Seeing as he tried to offer her up to Adel, they're on shaky terms, I suspect. She doesn't hate him though.


Zone & Watts — Her bffs and they're uber protective of her.
Quistis Trepe — At first, she wasn't too crazy about her, because she treated Rinoa like a kid. Now she respects her and greatly values her friendship.
Selphie Tilmitt — Awesome friends! Thinks the world of Selphie.
Zell Dincht — She can get Zell to do things he doesn't want to do with the right pout face. She loves him to itty bitty bits.
Irvine Kinneas — Thinks of him like a brother, what with the way she abuses him at the drop of a hat.
Ellone Leonhart-Loire — Only recently came to know her, but she likes her tremendously.


Halley Branket — Halley was one friend she made back at the Academy and she was overjoyed to see him in her world, though she felt bad for him having to be in a position where he couldn't go home at all. He was one of those that came to her aid against Ultimecia and she feels she owes him her life in some ways. She would do a lot for Halley.


• Like her mother, Rinoa can play the piano and sing pretty well. She just chooses not to.
• Detests her father even now.
• Still seeking Timber's freedom.
• Sometimes she still gets scared of being a Sorceress.
• Not crazy about the military.
• Anti-comas.
• Anti-being kidnapped.
• Anti-meanies.
• Not fond of fighting, but will if she's with her friends and for the right reason.
• Projectiles are her specialty!
• Reads dog lover magazines.
• Very animated with hand gestures and the like.
• Hops up and down when she's eager over something.
• Favorite color is sky blue.
Halley gave her Koudelka's pendant, which protects her from spiritual and magical harm.
• She had been learning how to use a gunblade from Squall.

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