Shizuru Fujino

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Shizuru Fujino
Shizuru Fujino
Journal: churchbell
Fandom: Mai HiME
Occupation: Student at Balamb Garden
Head of the Disciplinary Committee
Race: Human
Portrayed by: N/A
Writer: Kim



name — Shizuru Fujino
age — 18
birthday — December 19th
height — 5'3"
weight — 101lbs
hair — Mousy brown
eyes — Brown
sexuality — Homosexual

Japanese (native)
English (fluent)

theme song — Carina Round - January Heart



Later. ._.

Exuro Fatum


Possessing the charm and grace of a proper woman of nobility, Fujino is both reserved and outgoing by necessity. She has the practiced calm of an individual accustomed to being a position of power far beyond her years and has often acted as head of the household as well as the spokesperson for people above her. She is revered by most of her peers and underclassmen. She can also be extremely intimidating when she needs to be while wearing the most pleasant of smiles. Her emotions and actions are hard to read, and Haruka has often remarked that she's a lazy Student Council President of Fuka Academy. She tends to leave everything in everyone else's hands, having only gained the position to better help Natsuki.

When things began to come undone within the Hime circle, Fujino took it upon herself to protect Natsuki from the others. Her love for her best friend clouded her rationale to a frightening point as she took out Yukino's Child right before Natsuki's simply for having her privacy with Natsuki threatened. Extremely overprotective, she won't let any harm befall Natsuki regardless of the what the girl feel for her. Since her reawakening, she's not quite so hellbent on possession Natsuki. Rather, she has repented for her wrongdoings and is content to remain at her side for as long as she can. Though she still has that protective sense about her and would do anything for Natsuki's sake regardless of the cost.

Exuro Fatum

HiME Star

Element — A large naginata, a sort of pole-like weapon that is capable of long-ranged attacks as well as being handled in close quarters. It extends out like a chain with the blade at the tip, and she wields it with precision and grace not seen in most of the other hime.
ChildKiyohime, an over sized monster of a Child - this is a sort of octopus/hydra hybrid. Kiyohime can spew acidic silver poison from each of its heads. They are also capable of brutalizing attacks. It's versatility with its different aspects make it a considerable opponent to face.




• Speaks with a Kyoto accent.
• Drinks a lot of green tea.
• Very computer savvy.
• Occasionally wears kimonos.
• Loves the colors violet and lavender.
• Never wears pants.
• Usually seen with a bunch of girls.
• Shameless flirt with women.
• She will fuck your shit up if you so much as look at Natsuki the wrong way.
• Doesn't like to get her hands dirty.

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